Draft Threatened Species Strategy

(Published on 11th May 2017)

Conservation Minister Maggie Barry launched a draft strategy for protecting New Zealand's threatened species at a DOC summit in Wellington yesterday. The strategy outlines how the government aims to halt the decline of our threatened species and prevent others from becoming threatened. Members of the general public are invited to make submissions, offering their feedback on the draft strategy.

The draft Threatened Species Strategy sets out the New Zealand government’s plan to halt the decline in our threatened species and restore them to healthy populations.  Building on existing commitments and programmes, the draft strategy identifies further steps we need to take not only to restore those species already at risk of extinction, but also to prevent other from becoming threatened.

The draft strategy is based on five themes to progress threatened species conservation:

  • Uniting against invaders on a landscape scale
  • Managing ecosystems at scale to protect species
  • Building our science and knowledge base
  • Focusing beyond public conservation land
  • Working together in partnerships.

The draft strategy has four goals:

  • Manage 500 species for protection by 2025 – a 40% increase on today – and 600 species for protection by 2030
  • Enhance the populations of 150 prioritised threatened and at risk species by 2025
  • Integrate Te Ao Māori (the Māori world view) and mātauranga Māori (Māori knowledge) into species recovery programmes by 2025
  • Support research, particularly through the National Science Challenges, that helps us to better understand data deficient species.


The deadline for making submissions is 5pm Friday 31 July 2017


The draft strategy along with submission forms are available to download from the DOC website>






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