Catchment Group Perspectives

(Published on 4th May 2017)

Community catchment groups play an important role in NZ Landcare Trust's South Canterbury based Opihi Water Project, helping to drive a 'grass roots' approach to water quality improvement.

The Trust has recently worked with eight groups to create specific information sheets that capture the aims, challenges and actions associated with each catchment area. While common themes can be found, the case studies are different, reflecting the perspectives of each group.

The community catchment groups are in effect working in eight sub-catchments within the wider Opihi catchment, which covers an area of 384,000ha and includes over 2,600 farms.

Now in its third and final year this SFF funded Opihi Water project has successfully helped increase the local communities understanding of water quality issues and assisted them with the development of realistic land management solutions.

The individual catchment case studies are available for download:

More information about the Opihi Water Project can be found on the project webpage>




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