Aorere Rai Review

(Published on 24th August 2012)

NZ Landcare Trust facilitated the Aorere catchment project which began in 2006. The success of this initial project resulted in a broader approach that included another priority upper south island catchment... the Rai Valley. In 2009 the 'Aorere/Rai Farmers as Leaders in Water Quality' project began. It built on the approach developed earlier, empowering dairy farmers by utilising technical experts 'on-tap not on-top'. 

The project aimed to motivate farmers and encourage local knowledge, leadership, peer mentoring, practical tools and a willingness to implement best management practices within farming systems. This model led to significant on-farm investment and improvements in water quality.

NZ Landcare Trust has released a report offering a full review of the Aorere and Rai projects which concluded in June. The report also documents the project approach/model for future applicability. A digital copy of the report is available on this page.




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