WETlink on Nature Space

(Published on 30th May 2014)

The Trust has been working with Nature Space to deliver an extension to the successful WETMAK (Wetland Monitoring and Assessment Kit). The new resource, called WETlink  provides an online environment where people working on wetland restoration projects can get together and share information. It  also helps provide support and helps build a larger community of like minded people who face the same challenges.

Nature Space is a collaborative online project that began in 2012. It came from a community based idea to provide a single easy to use website where Landcare and community groups could share information and keep up to date with current thinking around conservation.

NZ Landcare Trust Communications Manager James Barnett said "The community driven philosophy that underpins Nature Space is a very good fit with the work of NZ Landcare Trust. WETlink provides a great opportunity to create a valuable wetland resource that ties in well with their established online technology."

"We look forward to working closely with Nature Space and exploring the exciting opportunities that come out of this in the future." James continued.

One of the main aims of Nature Space is to capture the work of thousands of dedicated Landcare groups and community conservation groups from all around the country. This will provide valuable support for the groups concerned but also give a clearer picture of what is happening in the sector and help target research and collaboration work.

NZ Landcare Trust has a position on the Nature Space steering committee along with representatives from WWF, QEII trust, Horizons Regional Council, Hawkes Bay Regional Council, Wellington City Council, Department of Conservation, Greater Wellington Regional Council and Auckland Council. In addition Nature Space has received technical and financial support from other organisations including Hutt City Council, Kapiti Coast District Council and Landcare Research.

A dedicated WETlink page is now available: www.landcare.org.nz/WETlink





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