Sustainable Deer Farming

(Published on 24th November 2014)

Sustainable farming practices within the deer industry will gain additional support through the release of five video clips produced by NZ Landcare Trust. The 'Best Practice on Deer Farms' series features deer farmers in Central Hawkes Bay and aims to capture examples of industry practices that are helping to improve the environment.

Agriculture is going through a transition, moving towards more sustainable farm management systems. The challenge is to make the changes as easy as possible for farmers and landowners. To that end, information is key and that's what this series of movie clips provides for deer farmers.

One of the biggest issues currently facing deer farmers is soil and water management and the challenge of reducing nutrient losses on different types of country - the clips provide a few solutions. Other important topics covered include catchment management, shelterbelts, gully management to reduce nutrient loss, measures to improve water quality and biodiversity, and animal health.


1. Best Practice on Deer Farms: Catchment Management


2. Best Practice on Deer Farms: Shelterbelts in Central Hawkes Bay


3. Best Practice on Deer Farms: Gully management to reduce nutrient loss


4. Best Practice on Deer Farms: Measures to improve water quality and biodiversity


5. Best Practice on Deer Farms: Animal health


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