Project Kahikatea Revisited

(Published on 20th May 2015)

Reaching heights of over 60 metres, the kahikatea is New Zealand's tallest tree and once covered a large percentage of our swampy lowland forests. Unfortunately the magnificent kahikatea now occupies only small isolated stands and is in need of protection, which is exactly what the team involved with Project Kahikatea set out to do in 2006.

The Project Kahikatea team ran a series of field days for landowners who had stands of trees on their properties. The team also provided information about long term management and protection, and helped with fencing to protect a number of vulnerable stands.

When the project concluded in 2008, a website was developed. It is still available today, and remains an excellent resource and well worth visiting for 'all things kahikatea.' It provides a wealth of information that would benefit anyone with an interest in this native tree and it's ecosystems - especially farmers and private landowners who have kahikatea stands on their property.  

The website acts as a valuable first port of call for people who want to know what is needed to nurture and protect kahikatea. You will find educational resources about kahikatea stands, management advice for those with stands, propagation guidelines and links to recent research. If you live near the Waikato Region you will also value the list of stands you can visit in the area.

NZ Landcare Trust was an active supporter of the original project along with the Waikato Branch of NZ Farm Forestry Association, Waikato Regional Council, Waikato Biodiversity Forum, Department of Conservation, QEII National Trust and Federated Farmers.

Given the number of kahikatea trees we have lost it is important to protect those that remain and increase their numbers by propagating and growing the forest giants of the future. Visit Project Kahikatea and find out how -


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