Resources to Assist Wetland Restoration

(Published on 27th January 2016)

World Wetlands Day was a good opportunity to draw attention to NZ Landcare Trust's 'WETMAK - Wetland Monitoring and Assessment Kit' and the companion 'Wetland Monitoring Hub.'

WETMAK is an online resource aimed at community groups working on wetland restoration projects. It is made up of seven downloadable modules and supporting datasheets that provide information on a variety of monitoring techniques and methods of assessing the impact of wetland restoration projects.

Monitoring helps you to understand how the project has progressed, offering an insight into what has been successful and where further work is required. Planning decisions can be made with confidence, based on data specific to a given project. In addition the monitoring process can be fun and educational, increasing overall understanding of wetlands and possibly providing additional inspiration for your own restoration work.

The Wetland Monitoring Hub was created to compliment WETMAK and support the training days that initially accompanied the resource. It offers additional support information to further guide WETMAK users, including as instructional videos such as the example below relating to Module 2, Photopoints...


Both resources are accessible online:


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