Pest Control Guide Updated

(Published on 20th July 2016)

An updated edition of the 'Northland Pest Control Guidelines' was released at a community workshop in Waimate.

New Zealand's wildlife is particularly vulnerable to introduced pest animals. This is because our native plants and animals evolved over millions of years without the pressures imposed by terrestrial mammals. Updated for 2016 Northland Pest Control Guidelines provides a wealth of information about controlling pests that present a major problem to our native species.

The major threats to our terrestrial plants and animals come from:

•    possums, which destroy forests and birds’ nests

•    rats, which prey on seeds, seedlings, invertebrates, lizards, birds’ eggs and chicks

•    mustelids (ferret, stoat, weasel) which prey on lizards, invertebrates and birds

•    cats, which prey on lizards, invertebrates, birds, bird eggs and chicks

•    dogs which kill kiwi, penguins and shorebirds.

Other threats include pigs, goats, escaped deer, livestock, hares, rabbits, hedgehogs, mice, wasps, Argentine and other exotic ants.

This updated version of the guide presents basic information on common animal pests, and provides practical guidelines on how to use a range of traps, toxins and techniques for maximum success.

Some pests are intelligent enough to learn from bad experiences -  if your first attempts to kill them are unsuccessful they will quickly learn to avoid poisons, traps and spotlights. Using a range of traps, baits and techniques and cycling toxins from one knockdown to the next, helps to avoid a build-up of wise or trap shy animals.

Co-operative and synchronised pest control with neighbours, or as part of a Landcare Group, adds greater benefit by reducing reinvasion of a larger area and also taking longer for pest populations to rebuild. While it may currently be impossible to eradicate animal pests from New Zealand, coordinated control can reduce local populations to much less damaging levels.

While the guide was developed in Northland, the approaches and techniques highlighted will have universal value and be of benefit to anyone involved in pest control work around the country.

You can download a digital copy of Northland Pest Control Guidelines from the NZ Landcare Trust website>



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