New Technology for Trust Website

(Published on 30th November 2011)

We believe communication is an important part of our work, whether it takes place with a group of farmers in a milking shed, community volunteers at the margin of a peat lake, or a wider group of people via our website. Good communication helps inform our audiences and encourages people to take action. Our new website  aims to help us do just that!

Increasingly rural people are making use of the internet to gain information and help make informed decisions. The Trust recognises this and has been working to ensure our website remains up to date and relevant to our audience. To help with this we have shifted to a new web content management system that offers additional functionality, that will be of benefit to website visitors.

The first significant leap forward is the ability to manage events and process payments online. This enables us to offer a comprehensive registration service for our Landcare and Catchment Management Conference due to start 29 February 2012. Other obvious new features include an events calendar on the home page and links to social media sites such as YouTube and Twitter near the navigation bar. These facilities will be developed further in near the future. Other less obvious benefits will be improved document search capabilities... aided by items tagged and searchable by subject.

At first glance, the site may not appear to be very different but behind the scenes the changes are significant. Over time users will see more practical, useful information designed to encourage people to get involved in 'action on the ground'.


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