Launch of CitSci Case Studies

(Published on 20th November 2017)

As a result of a number of community conversations, field tours and community monitoring days, NZ Landcare Trust is proud to launch a series of case studies identifying some of the key themes, tools and community environmental monitoring activities that are happening across New Zealand. These have the potential to further engage and inform New Zealand communities around the state of our environment, providing the conversation starter for maintenance or enhancement. 

These case studies have been produced as part of the NZ Landcare Trust Citizen Science meets Environmental Restoration Project, funded by Ministry for the Environment.


Introduction to Case Studies: Citizen Science Environmental Restoration and Beyond.

1. Community Wetland Monitoring: Wetland Monitoring and Assessment Kit (WETMAK)

2. Understanding Riparian Areas: National Riperian Restoration Database (NRRD)

3. Measuring Success with Kiwi: KIWI COAST

4. Taking a Snapshot of Local Biodiversity: BIOBLITZ

5. Growing Citizen Science Research and Public Engagement: TECHNOLOGY

6. Fresh Directions for Volunteer: Water Quality Monitoring




For more information, see our

Citizen Science Project Page.






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