How to set up a Landcare Group

(Published on 13th October 2016)

The Landcare movement has been active in New Zealand for 20 years, and NZ Landcare Trust is proud to have helped establish Landcare Groups all around the country. Setting up a Landcare Group can be straight forward if you have the right information - which is where 'How to Set up a Landcare Group' can help.

There are no set rules about what a Landcare Group should look like, however there are a few basic models that have proven the test of time. So if you are thinking of setting up a group the information contained in this guide should prove valuable.

Why would you want to set up a Landcare Group? This guide gives you five good reasons. It also takes you through the process of getting started, working out the best structure, putting ideas into practice, and maintaining momentum.

Landcare Groups can vary in size, from two or three people with a shared interest in an area of bush, up to much larger groups working together on a catchment project. To illustrate how these different groups form, the guide contains practical examples - formation of a small group, medium group, and finally a large group.


'How to Set up a Landcare Group' is only available in digital format - download here (1.3MB) >


The material contained in this guide was first published within 'Landcare: A Practical Guide.' 





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