Farm Planning for the Future

(Published on 11th November 2013)

Whole Farm Plans are increasingly recognised as valuable agricultural business tools, helping farmers to further increase understanding of their property and assisting with decisions about the best farm management system for their unique situation. The goal is to maximise profitability while ensuring outputs are sustainable... farmers don't need to choose between profit or the environment, with assistance from a Whole Farm Plan they can embrace both.

A Whole Farm Plan starts with an audit of the resources on-farm (water, soil, contours etc.), reviews current management practices and seeks to understand the farmers specific goals for the future. This valuable information is then used to create a comprehensive plan that helps identify a management system which is optimal for the business, while also having the lowest impact on the environment.

NZ Landcare Trust has published a factsheet that helps introduce the concept of Whole Farm Plans, explaining what they are, the history behind them, the benefits of having one and concludes with a practical case study.

The Whole Farm Plan Factsheet was produced as part of the Trust's work with farmers around the Waikato shallow peat lakes - specifically The Lake Ngaroto project. However the information has universal relevance and will be useful to all farmers who would like a clear succinct introduction to Whole Farm Plans.

The availability of printed copies is limited but digital versions are freely available below:

Whole Farm Planning Factsheet >



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