Whangarei Heads Landcare Forum

Benefits of Getting Together - Whangarei Heads Landcare Forum.

The Whangarei Heads Landcare Forum (WHLF) is made up of a number of smaller Landcare Groups, who share a common interest in enhancing the natural habitat for kiwi on a peninsula 30 km south of Whangarei. The Forum provides an ideal opportunity for the various groups to formally get together, report progress, share ideas and work cooperatively to increase overall effectiveness. The Groups also benefit financially because WHLF provides a platform to gain access to further funding, which in turn enables them to carry out more useful work. 

The groups are involved in a range of native biodiversity enhancement activities including pest and predator control, weed control, growing native plants and planting native trees and shrubs. These are all essential activities that contribute to a better local environment within which kiwi can thrive. The work that generates the greatest attention is possibly the reintroduction of kiwi. These birds are released to increase the stability of the resident wild population.

The success of the work has seen the kiwi population grow from 80 to more than 300 within the last ten years.

The groups involved with WHLF include:

  • Taurikura Ridge Landcare Group
  • Papakarahi Landcare Group
  • Taiharuru Catchment Care Group
  • Taiharuru Conservation Group
  • Kiteone Rd Landcare
  • Darch Point Landcare