Rarangi Landcare Group

Ten Years of Dedicated Landcare.

The Rarangi Landcare Group Inc. was first established in 2000 and is believed to be the first group of its kind in the Marlborough region. In 10 years they have restored over 11,000 native foreshore plants, with help from Outward Bound and support from the Department of Conservation, Marlborough District Council, NZ Landcare Trust and the WWF.

A key aspect of the group's work is the protection of some very rare native insects including species such as the 'mat daisy jumper' and the 'stone moth', both of which are only found on the Rarangi foreshore. The survival of these rare insects is reliant upon their environment and the Rarangi Landcare Group has been working hard to re-establish plots of native plants. Several areas have now been established with the help of volunteers.

Planting days are a key feature of the work where everyone simply rolls up their sleeves and gets involved. These events can be very productive - up to 800 plants have been planted in a single day thanks to help from Outward Bound, DOC and Marlborough District Council. 

Planting is only part of the job, once in the ground the new native plants need to become established. To do this extensive weeding is required. Many of the non-native pest plants are able to outcompete the native species therefore active management is required to keep their numbers in check. The lupin is a good example - it can form dense self replacing stands that prevent native plants from growing.

The success of this work has attracted national recognition with a visit from the Minister of Conservation Kate Wilkinson.

For more information about the work of the Rarangi Landcare Group contact Rarangi Landcare Group Coordinator Christine Baker>