Landcare Community

NZ Landcare Trust works with more than 150 landcare groups on a broad range of landcare projects. In this section of the website we feature the work of some of these committed groups, celebrating their success - champions of 'action on the ground'

Feature Farm Community: Rai Valley

Marlborough’s Rai Valley has long been a forestry and dairying community. In days gone by Rai Valley cheese was a popular purchase for visitors, but now the once famous dairy factory has closed and local milk goes outside of the community for processing. New local initiatives help bring the community together and help improve the environment... more>







Feature Landcare Group: Taheke Landcare

The Trust's Northland office has been supporting Ian Page and his daughter Arwen, to gather together local people to form the new Taheke Landcare Group. Excitingly, this is the first Landcare Group to form as part of the new Kiwi Coast project... more>





Previously Featured Landcare Groups.


Whangarei Heads Landcare Forum: The Forum provides an ideal opportunity for the various smaller groups to formally get together, report progress, share ideas and work cooperatively to increase overall effectiveness... more>


Mangaiti Gully Restoration Group: Hamilton has an extensive network of gullies feeding into the Waikato River. Once regarded as waste areas or storm water channels, they are now valued habitat for native wildlife and groups such as Mangaiti Gully Restoration Group are helping to restore them to their former glory... more>

Whakaupoko Landcare Group: Originally named Baldhill Landcare, the Whakaupoko Landcare Group is an established community driven group made up of more than 100 households, who all share an interest in protecting and enhancing native biodiversity... more>

Bay of Plenty

Waitao-Kaiate Environmental Group: A neighbourhood project to restore the banks of the Waitao Stream has had the additional benefit of restoring community spirit... more>

Upper South Island

Sherry River Catchment Group: In 2001 this small rural community started working together to resolve the environmental problems that had arisen due to increasingly intensive land use. They went on to form a Catchment Group in 2007... more>

Rarangi Landcare Group: This group has achieved a great deal in the 10 years since it was first established, including protection of some very rare native insects such as the 'mat daisy jumper' and the 'stone moth', both of which are only found on the Rarangi foreshore.... more>

Lower South Island

Otatara Landcare Group: Situated 10 kilometres west of Invercargill, Otatara is home to a very committed group of people who demonstate just how effective a community can be when they get together in pursuit of a common goal... more>