About Us

‘Sustainable land management through community involvement' is our mission.

NZ Landcare Trust is an independent, non-government organisation that was established in 1996. We have a team of passionate regional coordinators around the country who work with, and bring together, stakeholders, local and national government organisations, community-based groups and eager volunteers to work on sustainable water and land quality. 

Throughout the years, the Trust has worked on a range of field based projects - from large ‘catchment based’ projects that deal with complex issues to smaller, landcare groups with a local biodiversity focus.

Across New Zealand, hundreds of farmers and landowners have been encouraged to review and improve their land management practice. They have planted trees, protected waterways, controlled pests and fostered native flora and fauna, in an effort to maintain a productive, sustainable environment. And there is still a lot of work to be done to ensure land and water quality for future generations.

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