Biodiversity Feature
Reaching heights of over 60 metres, the kahikatea is New Zealand's tallest tree and once covered a large percentage of our swampy lowland forests. Unfortunately the magnificent kahikatea now occupies only small isolated stands and is in need of protection...  more ›
Farming Feature
Former Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment and current Chair of WWF-NZ Dr Morgan Williams was the guest speaker at a recent Community Catchment Management Workshop organised by NZ Landcare Trust in Murchison...  more ›
General Feature
Communities for Clean Water’ is a campaign that encouraged the general public to take an active interest in projects and activities that contribute to maintaining and restoring our waterways...  more ›
Farming Feature
Sustainable farming practices within the deer industry will gain additional support through the release of five video clips produced by NZ Landcare Trust. The 'Best Practice on Deer Farms' series features deer farmers...  more ›
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Following the success of a one year scoping exercise, nearly $150,000 has been secured for the Pomahaka catchment project... more ›
Sunshine greeted 40 attendees at a NZ Landcare Trust Riparian Planting workshop held at a dairy farm near Oamaru...  more ›
The Trust releases a publication that captures the experiences and lessons learned from the Volcano to Sea project...  more ›
South Taranaki provided the perfect backdrop for community group members to attend the latest WETMAK training day...  more ›
Nearly 90 people gathered to witness the release of two18 month old kiwi's...  more ›
The Waitangi River project’s benchmarking survey suggests a positive response from farmers to the water quality challenge...  more ›
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